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Best Dad Gift Basket

Best Dad Gift Basket

This Father’s Day Basket is a great option for dads who love Guinness and have a taste for more savoury foods. It contains two types of cheese, hand cooked crisps, pretzel bites, and salted mixed nuts. The air dried beef and BBQ beef jerky are sure favourites with fathers. All in all, this gift provides a vast selection of tasty treats for your Dad to enjoy this Fathers Day.

Regular Price: £116.61

Special Price: £104.95

Car Lover Dad Gift

Car Lover Dad

Featuring a glossy monthly car magazine such as Top Gear or Car, and a wide collection of Dad friendly chocolates with a sea salt and caramel theme from home and abroad. Your Father will enjoy being given the excuse to put his feet up and sample all the interesting treats in this delicioua gift basket designed specially for a car loving Dad on Father's Day.

Regular Price: £63.91

Special Price: £57.52

Cheesy Sunshine Basket

Cheesy Sunshine

Send them a taste of sunshine with this cheesy gift basket combined with tasty Mediterranean themed savoury goodies including authentic French paté, sunshine olives, fruity toast, and savoury mixed nuts.

Regular Price: £54.64

Special Price: £49.18

Cheesy Sunshine Duo

Cheesy Sunshine Duo Gift Basket

A duo of respected new world wines adds a little je ne sais quoi to our enduringly popular savoury cheese Basket. Filled with a tasty selection of Mediterranean themed snacks and cool creamy cheeses, this Basket is guaranteed to brighten the bleakest of winter days!

Regular Price: £84.64

Special Price: £76.18

Cultured Dad Gift

Cultured Dad Gift

Cultured Dad Gift is a Father’s Day gift basket featuring plenty of treats for your dad to enjoy whilst reading a hobby/interest magazine of choice. Choose from science, economy or geography, whichever your Dad is interested in most. This gift has a definite minty theme with a series of mint flavoured chocolate and sweets along with other tasty sweet and savoury snacks. A perfect gift to give Dad a chance to kick back and relax this Father’s Day.

Regular Price: £80.66

Special Price: £72.59

Dad's Ale Gift Basket

Dad's Ale Gift Basket

A perfect gift this Father’s Day for a dad who loves ale. As well as craft ale, this gift contains cheese, beef jerky and a selection of savoury snacks. Your dad is also going to love trying some of the more unusual products we’ve included such as the flavoured corn kernels and crunchy coconut bites.

Regular Price: £76.74

Special Price: £69.07

Dad’s Lifestyle Hamper

Dad's Lifestyle Hamper

Dad’s Lifestyle Hamper is full of chocolatey treats, from innovative Lithuanian chocolate bars to a delicious iced chocolate cake, there are plenty of choices to satisfy your Dad’s sweet tooth. This gift also comes with a choice of lifestyle magazine, whether your dad’s interests lie in fashion, health and fitness, or travelling, there is a magazine to suit. Your Dad will love the chance to kick back and relax this Father’s Day.

Regular Price: £96.82

Special Price: £87.14

Fantastic Father’s Gift

Fantastic Father's Day

If your dad loves ginger beer he is going to love the Fantastic Father’s Gift. It contains three bottles of ginger beer along with two types of cheese, hand cooked crisps and beef jerky. We’ve mixed these more obvious food choices that we know dad’s love with unusual snack ideas to try like the flavoured corn kernels and crunchy coconut bites. A gift we’re sure will go down a treat with Dad.

Regular Price: £69.12

Special Price: £62.21

Father's Day Cheese &
Ale Gift

Father's Day Cheese & Ale Gift

For the Dad who loves a good ale, and lots of good food to go with it. All he'll need after this beauty is delivered is a comfy chair in the sunshine!


Father's Day Hero Hamper

Fathers Day Hero Gift Hamper

This tasty wicker gift basket is filled with enough baked goods to last Dad quite a while. Caramel shortbread squares, milk chocolate honeycomb slices, toffee waffles, oat cookies, shortbread and a box of innovative coffee bags. A gift selection that might actually make your Father think about sharing.....or maybe not. After all he's a hero, and Dads who are hero's have earned the right to keep the contents entirely to themselves.

Regular Price: £67.48

Special Price: £60.73

Father’s Day Beer

Father's Day Beer Hamper

A luxury gift hamper perfect for fathers who love craft beer and good food. Some highlights include the farmhouse cheese, air dried beef, hand cooked crisps as well as quality chocolate, in delicious and unusual flavours, to satisfy any sugar cravings.

Regular Price: £138.57

Special Price: £124.71

Father’s Day Cheese
& Beer Gift Basket

Father's Day Cheese & Beer Gift Basket

We’ve chosen to include Dad’s tried and tested favourites, like cheese, beef jerky and a mixture of craft beers, along with snacks that are a bit different, like crunchy coconut bites and flavoured corn kernels, as we know the joy that comes from trying something new.

Regular Price: £76.74

Special Price: £69.07

Father’s Day Treats

Father’s Day Treats Hamper

Father’s Day Treats Hamper is filled with a selection of Guinness, innovative chocolates and other chocolatey treats such as hot chocolate and an iced chocolate cake amongst other snacks. Your Dad is going to love being treated to this gift hamper this Father’s Day.

Regular Price: £109.80

Special Price: £98.82

Father’s Lovely Lager

Father's Lovely Larger

Treat your Dad to this Father’s Day gift, perfect for fathers who love their lager. We’ve chosen products for this gift basket that we think dads would particularly enjoy such as cheese and beef jerky along with hand cooked crisps and pretzel bites. All to be enjoyed with an assortment of craft lagers.

Regular Price: £81.82

Special Price: £73.64

Fisherman's Basket

Fisherman's Basket

HOOK him a real treat with this themed basket for fishing fanatics. The witty slogan mug, hand painted wooden sign & fishing magazine make it the perfect CATCH for angling fans.


Football Flair Basket

Football Flair Gift Basket

NET him a real treat with this football themed basket. A witty footballer slogan mug and hanging wooden sign make it the perfect gift for footie fans. He'll also realise he's SCORED well when he tucks into the wide selection of manly snacks. Option to add on "Four Four Two" Monthly Football magazine as an additional extra.


Gourmet Dad Gift

Gourmet Dad Pathway Gift

Good food and wine is always a safe bet, and will always be appreciated. Themed for Father's Day with a Fathers Day gift card printed with your personal message.


Great Gifts For Dad

Great Gifts For Dad

Make your Dad’s day by sending him this impressive Father’s Day gift. It’s filled with a variety of tasty treats for your Dad to enjoy this Father’s Day such as Farmhouse cheese, air dried beef and hand cooked crisps to name a few. He can wash it all down with some craft beer - we’ve included an assortment of three.

Regular Price: £116.61

Special Price: £104.95

Great Taste Award Mixer
Chrome Hamper

Great Taste Award Mixer Chrome

We’ve mixed in freshness and flavour to the Chrome version of our perennially popular "Great Taste Award" hamper range with the addition of organic smoked salmon, traditional ham and a duo of popular wines. An assortment speciality foods results in a gourmet hamper you can trust will delight their taste buds.

Regular Price: £123.20

Special Price: £110.88

Happy Fathers Day Gift

Happy Fathers Day Gift Basket

If your Dad loves chocolate, baked goods and craft beer our Happy Fathers Day Gift Basket is the gift for him. Some highlights include Lily O’Brien’s Ultimate Chocolate Collection, a delicious iced chocolate cake and chocolate covered shortbread amongst many other sweet treats and savoury snacks. A gift basket sure to make it an extra happy Fathers Day this year.

Regular Price: £118.46

Special Price: £106.61

Modern Dad Gift

Modern Dad Gift

This gift is ideal for a modern Father who looks after his health and well being, enjoys travelling, or is interested in fashion and lifetstyle. Select his favourite magazine from the drop down.

Regular Price: £65.09

Special Price: £58.58

Salty Dad Gift

Salty Dad Gift

Your Dad will love the share bag of Lily O Brien's chunky milk chocolate and caramels discs with sea salt, as well as the Butlers incredibly popular dark chocolate salted caramels encased in luscious dark chocolate. A Father who is a true chocoholic will be impressed by the fancy Willie's Cacao Rio Carible milk chocolate with sea flakes bar from Mexico. For that European feel we've included a Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Cocoa Bar. Cake, savoury crisps, fruit crisps and traditional sweets are rounded off with a Happy Father's Day gift card for your personal message.

Regular Price: £54.91

Special Price: £49.42

Special Grandad Basket

Special Grandad Gift Hamper

The focal point of the Special Grandad gift hamper is of course the gift mug with a warm and witty message that will make him smile and treasure for years to come - "Some say Super Heroes don't exist, but they haven't met my Grandad". We've complimented it with a selection of grandfather friendly sweet treats including a delicious cake freshly delivered to us on a weekly basis from a local bakery, ginger beer, sticky milk chocolate toffees, all butter fudge, shortbread and organic oat biscuits handmade in Ireland and created from an old recipe handed down through five generations.

Regular Price: £49.22

Special Price: £44.30

Sporty Dad Gift Basket

Sporty Dad Gift Basket

The ideal gift for all those Dad's who can never find the time for hobbies. This self indulgent basket of treats gives Dad the perfect excuse to chill out this Father's Day

Regular Price: £65.09

Special Price: £58.58

Stylish Father’s Day

Stylish Father's Day Hamper

Stylish Father’s Day Hamper is a gift hamper designed for fathers who love chocolate. It includes Lily O’Brien’s Exquisite Edition chocolate box, Naive chocolate bars, an iced chocolate cake, hot chocolate and chocolate dessert sauce - amongst other treats. A chocolate lover’s dream and great gift idea for your Father.

Regular Price: £88.17

Special Price: £79.35

Tee Off Golfing Basket

Tee Off Golf Basket

Hit a HOLE IN ONE by sending him this golf themed basket. A witty golfing slogan mug and wooden sign make it an ideal gift for golfing fans. He'll also appreciate that you know him down to a TEE when he tucks into all of his favourite treats.


Trendy Dad Gift Basket

Trendy Dad Gift Basket

Our Trendy Dad Gift Basket is a perfect gift for dads who love minty flavours. Mint flavoured chocolate and sweets are a running theme within this gift, featuring Montezuma’s milk chocolate bar with crunchy peppermint, Lindt Lindor mint chocolate truffles and Charles Butler’s mint rock. We’ve also included a delicious iced chocolate cake along with other tasty treats for a special dad to enjoy this Father’s Day.

Regular Price: £69.26

Special Price: £62.33

Ultimate Father’s Day
Gift Basket

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Basket

A jam-packed gift basket for fathers, filled with a wide variety of chocolate treats, baked goods and savoury snacks. Choose the car magazine your dad will like best. He can enjoy it while relaxing and trying all the delicious food on offer. A great gift to make your Dad’s day extra special this year.

Regular Price: £105.48

Special Price: £94.93